Posted March 24, 2023

Rotary Club of East Montgomery County (RCEMC) members focused on disaster planning and response this quarter. Lake Conroe Division Manager Bret Raley spoke at their March 21st luncheon, providing insight into the San Jacinto River Authority’s (SJRA) role during a disaster. Raley talked about how the Conroe dam is an earth-fill embankment, 11,300 feet long, including the levees. The crest elevation of the dam is 212.0 feet above mean sea level and has a height of 82 feet above the old riverbed. A controlled emergency spillway is located near the center of the embankment. Control for the spillway consists of five tainter gates, 40 feet in width by 30 feet in height, with a top elevation of 202.5 feet. The gates are computerized and can be controlled from the control room or via an app.



The SJRA is one of 10 major river authorities in the State of Texas. Like other river authorities, its primary purpose is to implement long-term, regional water supply and wastewater treatment projects. RCEMC President Suann Hereford will donate the library book, “Inside Noah’s Ark” in Raley’s honor to a local elementary school library.