Posted May 24, 2024
Chief Shanna Redwine of the Special Victims Division of Montgomery County addressed members of the Rotary Club at their recent luncheon. Chief Redwine, a pivotal figure in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, offered valuable insights into the critical work her division undertakes in combating child abuse.

The Special Victims Division collaborates with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals dedicated to investigating and prosecuting cases of physical and sexual abuse involving children. This team includes law enforcement officers, child protective services, medical professionals, and mental health experts, all working together to support victims and bring perpetrators to justice.

During her address, Chief Redwine highlighted the importance of community awareness and involvement in the fight against child abuse. She emphasized the need for vigilance and education to protect society's most vulnerable members. Rotary members were informed about the reporting process and the ongoing efforts of the Special Victims Division to ensure the safety and well-being of children in Montgomery County.