At the end of April, the Rotary Club of East Montgomery County (RCEMC) partnered with New Horizons New Caney (NHNC) to expand their horticultural program.  NHNC is a sheltered workshop for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. While they train on a variety of tasks, a favorite of the patrons is their horticultural program. RCEMC assisted NHNC in building two additional garden beds for growing herbs. Thriving herb gardens are vital in producing the plants used in making their all-natural tea blends and herbal-infused apple cider vinegars. Patrons work in all phases of the growth of the plants  needed to produce their products. These products are then sold to the public at their local shop, as well as community events. The funds generated are then used to continue to provide quality programming and activities for the NHNC patrons.



This grant also included the creation of the butterfly garden. While visually pleasing, the butterfly and bee garden serves a much more important function. In order to  maintain the horticultural gardens, the plants must be pollinated. As more land is used for development in our community, food sources and habitat for  pollinators are decreasing.  By creating a well-maintained area with specialized plants, flowers and a water source, we can ensure successful pollination of our facility gardens. The new Butterfly Garden is located near the front of the New Horizons Activity Center and Resale Shop. This area is visible from Interstate 69 and the feeder road.  Shoppers will see the new garden as they come through the gate and enter the parking area.  Parents will see the  garden as they drop off their patrons each day. There is a large metal sign on display identifying this as a project of RCEMC and District 5910. A metal bench was also placed near the garden so that patrons, parents, visitors and shoppers can sit and enjoy the area. This grant project will encourage people to appreciate nature and  our environment.