Posted December 12, 2022
Rotarians got a glimpse of Ecuador by armchair traveling with Ita Jervis at their last luncheon. Dressed in Ecuador's yellow, blue, and red colors, Jervis brought Ecuador to life.

Ecuador is a country in South America bordered by Colombia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean, straddling the earth's center (gaining its name from the equator). The country also includes the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific west of the mainland. Ecuador has a tropical and mountainous terrain and hosts the highest active volcano in the world. Spanish is the official language spoken, but there are 14 indigenous languages. The most prevalent of them is Quechua. 

Jervis also brought samples of Ecuadorian coffee and chocolates. The rich volcanic soil produces delicious, well-balanced, and rounded coffee with less acidity than high-altitude coffees. Ecuador is also known for its rare Arriba cocoa beans. These beans are used to make high-end chocolate for discerning chocolate lovers. Some Arriba cacao trees are over a hundred years old. 

President Suann Hereford thanked Jervis for presenting by donating a book in her honor to one of the local elementary schools.