Posted September 22, 2022

At their September 19th luncheon, Rotary Club of East Montgomery County (RCEMC) President Suann Hereford gave a Rotary history lesson using the Bingo game! Each RCEMC member was given a blank Bingo card to fill out with words and phrases provided by President Hereford. It was up to the members to decide which words or phrases to select and where to place them. 

President Hereford began reading a history lesson on Rotary. As each member's chosen words or phrases were spoken, they marked them on their Bingo card. Since "blackout" was the Bingo game, a lot of history was shared with the members. When "Houston" was read aloud, all members shouted, "Bingo'! 

 What a clever way to keep members engaged!


Milton and Rose AustinBlackout Bingo Underway!